Fashion trends come and go, but there’s one thing that is consistent and increasing with each passing day. Since the first time it was launched 10 years ago in India in 2004, Nail Art has increasingly become one of the most-liked fashion trends by females who want to have an edge over the others.


Though girls tend to spend a lot of time and money on their face (in beauty and makeup), the fact is that they see their nails more often than their face (while typing, writing, cooking, working etc). So keeping their nails up to the mark and different from the others can instill a sense of beauty and confidence in you every time you lock your eyes with it.


Irfaan, senior nail technician at Monsoon Salon South Extension branch, says the reason behind this increase in the number of girls going for Nail Art and Nail Extension is the huge compliment they receive. “People tend to pick up every new thing when they are happy with the product. And females, especially who are in the age bracket of 25-35 years of age, like everything for which they are complimented for. So Nail Art is something which they don’t want to give a miss,” adds Irfaan.


Since the time the senior Nail technician joined Monsoon Salon, he has seen a huge spike in females opting for nail art. “We do three kinds of Nail Art — French, Acrylic and Gel. However, the most in demand is glitter-based designs. Our designs are unique and that’s what people look for,” says Irfaan.

On an average day (excluding weekends and festival) Irfaan does about 10 Nail Art and Extension, but the number increases significantly on marriage season or during festival time.

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